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What is Sensory Motor Function?

The ability to maintain postural control, and move with purposeful and appropriate force and direction while processing the auditory, tactile, visual feedback  is ‘sensory motor’ function. It is influenced by muscle tone and strength, visual perception, motor planning, bilateral integration, and fine-motor control.

Postural Control

Maintaining a stable body position while performing activities that require a change in position of the trunk and neck is ‘postural control’. If your child has difficulty sustaining a seated position, and tends to lean on things, wanting a prop for support, then core strength and shoulder girdle stability may need to be addressed as well as balance and equilibrium.

Motor Planning

‘Motor planning’ is the ability to conceive of, plan, and execute a particular task from beginning to end. Tying shoelaces is an example of such a task which involves complex motor planning of sequencing, perceptual skills, eye-hand coordination, kinesthetic awareness and a variety of in-hand manipulative skills.

Performing daily living skills requires adequate sensory motor functioning.  Occupational therapists are trained to help individuals with weaknesses in these areas. Call Winslow today to secure the expertise you need.

Fine-Motor Control

Fine-motor control refers to the coordinated control of the arm, hand, and finger movements. It develops from the shoulder to smaller precision skills with the fingers. Thumb to fingertip opposition and an efficient, mature grasp on tools and materials is required. In-hand manipulative skills involve dexterous control of the fingers with isolation of movement.

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“Thank you so much for everything over the past ten weeks. You have taught me so much more than I could have ever learned in the classroom and have been so patient and kind to me. Your kids are so lucky to have you as their O.T. and I aspire to be as great of a therapist as you are one day! Thanks again for everything!"

Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Student

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