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Activities of Daily Living

An occupational therapist is trained to address a person’s skills in their routine of daily activities. For a child these tasks may include transitioning, dressing, eating, bathing, toileting, and waking up/going to sleep, and traveling to/from school, writing, playing and interacting with peers.


Some children need more one-on-one instruction in learning a new skill. They need to be in a safe environment where they will not feel overwhelmed. A task may need to be simplified and taught step by step. Visual, verbal, or physical cues may be introduced to assist your child. Modeling behavior and side-by side instruction can also be helpful.


Activities are simulated or actual tasks are provided, such as eating food with a fork or spoon and learning to use a knife. Recommendations and strategies are explored with parents to address individual needs and goals. Practice of skills at home is reinforced.

Help your child reach his/her full potential today. Call Winslow to assist you with an individualized ADL program to improve independence in activities of daily living

in your child’s life.


Developing greater autonomy and independence in activities throughout the day is a goal parents have for their children.  As children experience greater independence in their lives their confidence and self-esteem blossom, creating more opportunities to expand upon their skills and growth as an individual.

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